Album Review: Akkord – ‘Akkord’

UnknownMancunian duo Synkro and Indigo are behind lo-fi house and techno act Akkord. The theme running through this surprisingly good release is that of intense, booming basslines and stripped down four-to-the-flour beats which at times really do pick up leaving you practically begging for more.

Sequentially the album is almost flawless beginning to end and is best enjoyed that way, given many of the songs melt into each other. This is not an techno-bagner, instead it’s a beautifully crafted and very technically accomplished formula which sees songs ranging from full on techno on ‘3DOS’, to floaty the dub-esque ‘Conveyor’ and even a hint of glitch hop on ‘Hex AD’.

I honestly felt that this album would run out of steam towards the half-way point given that Akkord seem to religiously stick to their well thought-out techniques, but at no point did it sound tired or repetitive for that matter. Just when you feel monotony is about to set in the duo throw in some much needed twists and turns in the form of a drum and bass break, a pause or moody passage. This is the first release for Synkro and Indigo as Akkord which shows much promise. We can only hope for a follow up and perhaps some remixes?

Here’s what I think is the standout track of this album album ‘3DOS’.

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