As a teen I spent much of my life in darkness, blinded by the “heavy metal blinkers” which dominated much of these angst-ridden and hormonally imbalanced years. With the ushering of a new millennia, and thanks to some supportive friends, the blinkers were lifted and a whole new world of sound was revealed.

Today I have no preference in genres and no single type of music I adhere to. I’m open to everything and anything that could bring about that controversial theory called “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR”, a phenomenon said to be sometimes experienced in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli. In my case, this is no theory but a true feeling I long to experience when the sound is just right. It manifests itself in a tingling sensation, one which starts from the top of my head and works its way all down my spine.

Over my 20+ years in music I have hosted radio shows, performed in clubs and pubs, written for the printed and electronic press always with one goal in mind, to share my experiences and help expose others to new sounds, new genres and help bring old and new music to the surface. While I don’t always experience ASMR, when I do I just have to share this information with the world.

While I can never match up to the greatness of John Peel, his philosophy is deeply engrained in me. A true hero of mine, he believed in a world that resided outside of the mainstream, dedicating his entire career in an attempt to nourish and support it. His legacy and influence live on and I can only strive to do it justice through this website.

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