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Album Review: Glass House – ‘Long Way Down’

As the first “Other” category review I chose a group that really stood out for me and that’s before even listening to the actual album. It’s not a recent release, as it dates back to October 2013 but with so much material available these days, it’s easy for acts to completely slip under one’s radar. And what a shame it would be if Glass House slipped under mine. I can only thank Billy James from Glass Onyon PR for bringing them to my attention.

Glass House is an amazing duo featuring David Worm on vocals and multi-instrumentalistGlass House  Mark Vickness. Their hard to define stylistically with their sound featuring elements of folk, progressive rock, acoustic passages, funk and there’s even some beatboxing for good measure.

This is their 3rd album to-date and was produced by Jon Evans,  best known for his long association with Tori Amos and Third Eye Blind and also features the Grammy award winning ‘Turtle Island String Quartet’ who appear on the third track of the album ‘Turn Away’. It’s complex, much like an onion there’s layer up on layer to uncover, an intricate richness that seems to be lacking from a lot of bands these days. The lyrics are warm and powerful, sometimes socio-political in ‘Turn Away’ and ‘Where I Belong’, while elsewhere they are deeply personal and intimate such as in the case of ‘For Now’ and ‘Thank You’. Another stand out track is track four, ‘Broken Arrow’, which Impressively when first released, became the seventh most-viewed YouTube video according to, ahead of Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” and Pearl Jam’s “Unthought Known.”

Mark Vickness

With over 25 years of experience working together David Worm and Mark Vickness certainly do deliver in ‘Long Way Down’. Even if you’re not a fan of their sound, you’ll still get an irresistible and compelling urge to continue listening to this album, it’s hard to ignore. They say it’s never to late to review an album. It may have taken me a few months to catch up to this release but I’m glad I did.

‘Long Way Down’ is available physically via CDBaby and digitally via iTunes.

If for any reason this review wasn’t convincing enough, perhaps this song will seal the deal, here’s Glass House with the magnificent ‘Turn Away’.



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